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Quality Security Assistance Sarl offers a wide range of small-medium business/ professional services, from advistory to consulting services. Our time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your Security Monetic agent  we can assist you and your business.


Account Information Security


The purpose of the Account Information Security is to ensure:

- Maintenance of a secure cardholder data management and processing network

- Cardholder data is protected

- Maintenance of secure cardholder data applications

- Strong access control measures are implemented

- Access to all cardholder data networks are tracked and monitored

- System security is regularly tested


QSA Sarl is leader in the Account Information Security. We provide close work with the client all the way through the network security and 100% compliance from the onsite audit to the remediation plan.

The Account Information Security AIS determines that members, merchants, payment service providers and their agents must formally validate compliance to the Account Information Data Security requirements.


The Account Information and Data Security determines compliance validation requirements that Members, merchants, payment service providers and their agents must undertake to fulfil  their responsibilities. AIS compliance validation has to be undertaken by entities as stipulated within the validation threshold requirements.

Fraud Academy Education:


The two superior education sessions that are offered, cover either a comprehensive overview of Core Fraud Management and its practical application in an operational environment or the advanced Fraud Management Expert Academy that covers an in-depth understanding of the route causes, impacts and perpetration techniques prevalent to card crime. The Fraud Management Expert Academy additionally addresses exposures resulting from both technological advancement and reliance and new form risk diagnosis, analysis and combating. A key element of both seminars is the powerful transfer of extensive knowledge that can be deployed to counter broad-based risk exposures in unique and differing operational environments.


Update: Identified and acclaimed as an Industry Leader in Risk/Fraud Education. Engaged and delivered now in over 15 separate markets. Be the first in your market and become a knowledgeable and skilled Leader rather than a unfortunate victim and follower.

Vendors review


QSA SARL assists all approved vendors to adopt the security control procedures and security devices specified by the Card Payment Vendors (Mastercard, VISA, American Express) rules and regulations as minimal protection for card products.

QSA SARL assist approved vendors to adopt additional security controls, as they deem appropriate, provided they are in addition to and enhance the procedures .

Vendors are liable for any unexplained loss, theft, deterioration, or destruction of card products or components that may occur while such products are in the vendors facility. Vendors are required to carry liability insurance covering all the risks stated above, taking into consideration the plant location, physical conditions and security of the plant, the number and duties of the employees.

The development, manufacture, transport, and personalization of payment cards and their components have a strong impact on the security structures of the payment systems, issuers, and vendors involved in their issuance. Data security is the primary focus of our company.

QSA SARL makes sure that the approved vendors make the maximum of physical and logical security.

Risk Management Health Check

The Health Check Review is an in-depth and comprehensive risk evaluation of all aspects of both Issuer and Acquirer operational activities and includes; The Card Life Cycle from Acquisition, Product Delivery, Maintenance and Fraud Management. The Health Check additionally includes a full review of operational compliance to payment scheme mandates, International best practice policies, procedures, resource structuring and MIS configuration and utilisation. The Health Check culminates in a detailed managerial report being produced with a tangible prioritisation of identified risks and required mitigation steps.

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